Behind Never Ready for Monday is us, a team of two sisters.  We are obsessed with quality and the belief that less can be more (except for dessert of course).

When the weekend comes to an end, we are never quite ready to leave our cozy homes.  We prefer bedhead over the boardroom.  Being buried in sumptuous covers beats heading into the office to be buried in paperwork.

However, we realize we can't live in the fantasy land of naps and slow sipped coffee forever.  Monday is a reality.  So we think if Monday is a must, then making home the perfect escape is also a must.

This store was created to inspire you, to be that perfect gift you've been hunting for, or maybe that little bit of "fluff" you've been needing to make your place feel more like home.  

We didn't want to just fill up the store.  The assortment is focused on inspired, timeless pieces.  Fresh and original items that feel familiar.

We are so excited you have stopped by!  Feel free to drop us a line.  We would love to hear from you.


Long live the weekend,

Jodi & Jenna