Maker Feature: Brooke

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Jodi and I live in (and run the business from) separate states.  So it was such a treat to be together with some of our family for the holiday! 

We're excited about Small Business Saturday (apparently that's a thing, and it's today?!).  To kick it off, we have a new maker feature with a truly talented and kind soul!

Brooke makes beautiful things.  Her pieces are a wonderful intersection of beauty and function.  We were dying to get our hands on more of her artwork.  So we partnered up to bring in an exclusive platter and mug for the holidays!  Brooke created a custom texture in a glossy black to make our Black Mesh Platter; and our Green and Gold mugs are in our very own colorway with a yummy, crackly glaze and metallic handle.

She photographed her process for us so we could see the evolution firsthand.  We love seeing how she can take a lump of clay and turn it into something gorgeous and useful.  We hope you enjoy this maker feature as much as we did! 

For the first step on the platters, we sent Brooke over an inspiration image for the texture.  She pulled some great options from which we could choose.  The far right one was the final winner!

The making of the platters:  The kneading, the rolling, the imprinting!

The wheel-throwing of the mugs.

Here the platters and mugs are going in for their firing.  

The mugs are painted with the glaze before their first firing.  After the firing, Brooke paints the gold handles.  They are then fired again at a lower temperature.

Jodi and I were instantly in mad love with the final products.  Beautiful craftmanship, texture, and color (Yes, we consider black a color at NR4M ;)).  You can shop all of Brooke's work in our shop here.

Have a great rest of the holiday weekend!  Here's to hoping it goes by super slowly so we can soak in every minute!

Long live the weekend,