Maker Feature: Claudia

You may have noticed those cozy wool blankets up on the site this past week.  We’re excited to share more with you about the amazing woman behind those and her close knit team that make wool magic!  

Claudia is the “head and hands” of Texturable, the source of all of the beautiful wool blankets on NR4M.  All of the wool is sourced in Uruguay - 90% of it comes from her family's farm.  Her aunt manages the farm with the help of her four employees - Julia, Patito, Ricardo, and Cacho.  Julia and Patito have worked for Claudia's aunt for over 30 years!

After the wool is harvested, the next step is hand spinning.  Claudia has a team of two that hand spin the wool into yarn.  Claudia then dyes the wool with non-toxic dyes.  The light colors are dyed with plant based dyes while the darker colors are dyed with ecological dyes (plant based plus additional non-toxic components).

Then she and a team of two hand weave the blankets on wooden looms.  The final product is 100% organic and ridiculously beautiful and cozy.

Claudia cares deeply about the entire process and the quality of the final product.  Her mother, who assists Claudia with the business, taught her to sew from a young age.  This love has evolved into a skilled love for fabric and textures.  

In her own words:

Everything starts with textures – I see the materials and my hands start to move, thoughts in my head create shapes and combine techniques. I always try to preserve the nature of the materials I use and respect their qualities. Due to the outdoor location of my dyeing area, I have to dye my designs when the weather is good. When it’s sunny I know it’s a dyeing day, and when it rains, it’s time for creativity.

All of my items are made with a lot of love, care, and dedication. I strongly believe that everything in this world has an energy, and the things we make take on the energy of their creators. Because of that, I work with happiness and enjoy every step of the process. Each of my designs is full of energy and meaning – I think that’s why the result is beautiful. When I make my products I try to transmit my surroundings — nature, calmness and simplicity. I wait until each product absorbs the warmth of the sun and the freshness of the sea to send it to its final user.

Texturable blankets are beautiful heirlooms.  Claudia still owns and uses blankets that belonged to her great grandmothers.  These are blankets to live with and to share with those you love!